🏊 Take a dip in the Upcoming PoolTogether NFT Prize pool 🏊

Update: The Prize Pool is live on Polygon!

With the recent passing of PTIP-8 we are excited to announce that there will be a special NFT DAI prize pool hosted on the Polygon network! This will be an 11 week campaign with 1 unique prize per week from select artists. Winners are selected at random using the PoolTogether protocol (using Chainlink RNG) on Polygon, but NFT’s are minted & rewarded on Ethereum.

We already have 3 artists that have contributed their work to this prize pool, Simon Wan, Yusaymon & Hans Haugaard.

Simon Wan’s “Robot Madonna” with NoLoss hat

We are still looking for 8 additional artists to participate though, and get this you’ll be paid 100 POOL ($2,000 at the moment)! You can apply to be one of these artists HERE. As there are only 8 slots left available, this selection will likely be very competitive but don’t worry we hope to host more of these events if possible! Also if you are not selected nobody will stop you from adding your NFT to the community loot box for visibility 😉.

🏆Prize Pool Details🏆

Key points:

  • 1 DAI = 1 ticket, more tickets increase odds
  • Pool will be 100% NFT prizes. No yield.
  • 100% protocol reserve rate
  • 11 week campaign, 1 select NFT prize per week
  • 1 winner per week, no runner ups.
  • Additional NFT’s may be won through community loot box

We encourage anyone to join in the fun, whales and little fish included! We chose the polygon network for the lower transaction fees for deposits compared to on Ethereum (still minting NFT’s on ETH) to accommodate any size player. Winners are selected on Polygon, prizes awarded on Ethereum. To participate, simply deposit DAI to our upcoming pool. The pool has not been created yet, so don’t confuse it with the existing DAI pool on Polygon. We will have another announcement with further details on our prize schedule, when deposits are open & artist line up.

⏳ Artist Submission Deadline⏳

Our initial deadline was for Monday May 24th. We have extended this deadline! 6 of 11 artists have been selected, more info & teasers from those selected are in the works.

After that, the PTIP-8 committee will select the top 5 submissions & announce the weekly NFT prize schedule. Submit your application here! Our only requirement for the NFT piece is to be a unique 1 of 1. It does not need to be Pool Together (No loss lottery) inspired, but we wouldn’t mind if it was 😀! Keep in mind that if you are not selected for this event we may have more in the future.

Looking Ahead

This 11 week campaign is the first implementation of an NFT prize pool on the Pool Together protocol. We hope that with proper traction & use of the reserve rate we can create an ongoing system to reward artists and share unique NFT artwork with the lucky prize winners! So even though the yield is going 100% to the reserve rate, we plan to utilize these funds to further support artists in the ecosystem!

We encourage you to join us in the Pool Together Discord Server for any questions. We are very excited to test this new type of prize pool and can’t wait to see what you all have to offer!

Where can I learn more?

There are definitely a lot of ways to be part of the Pool Together DAO community and educate yourself on the use of our protocol.
So whether you plan to let that paint drip or just take a dip in the pool, we are looking forward to having you along for the ride!

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